Syrian Coalition & High Negotiations Committee: Assad Regime & Iran Attempting to Sabotage Ceasefire Agreement

President of the Syrian Coalition Anas Abdah met with the General Coordinator of the oppositions’ High Negotiations Committee (HNC), Riad Hijab, earlier on Friday to discuss the latest political and field developments in Syria.

Abdah and Hijab discussed the cease-fire agreement which was announced on Thursday, praising the efforts made by Turkey to reach the agreement. They reiterated the opposition’s readiness to deal positively with the agreement.

Abdah and Hijab called for stopping attempts by the Assad regime and its Iranian ally to sabotage the agreement as over 30 violations of the agreement by regime forces and the Iranian-backed foreign militias have been recorded with 12 hours of the announcement of the agreement, especially in the Wadi Barada valley of and eastern Ghouta in Rural Damascus.

Abdah and Hijab stressed that the peace talks due to be held in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana should not be a substitute for the Geneva conference or be held outside the umbrella of the United Nations. They underscored that any negotiations on Syria must be based on the Geneva Communiqué of 2012 and the UN Security Council resolutions, especially resolutions 2118 and 2254.

Abdah and Hijab stressed that the HNC represents the unified forces of the revolution and the Syrian opposition in any peace talks.

Abdah and Hijab praised the steadfastness being shown by the Syrian people and their firm determination to achieve their goals for freedom and dignity. This determination was exemplified in the anti-regime demonstrations that swept across Syria on Friday under the theme “the revolution brings us together.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 31.12.2016)


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