Arab States to Boost Ties with Israel after Trump: Deputy

Arab States to Boost Ties with Israel after Trump: Deputy Minister

Alwaght- An Israeli deputy minister says relations between Tel Aviv and Arab countries will increase after Donald Trump starts his term as US president.

Ayoob Kara, deputy minister of regional development in Israeli regime says Arab countries’ attention to the issue of Palestine is pretentious and limited to their media. Instead, he claimed they are fully concentrated on facing the “threat and danger” of Iran.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Israeli Haaretz daily, he said “behind closed doors, nobody cares for that topic”.

In response to a question of whether Palestine really mattered for the Arab countries, he said “Arab countries are busy with their own issues because they are afraid of Iran and hence nobody thinks of initiating a new political process”.

“It is not accidental that Saudi Arabia formed a coalition with other Sunni countries,” he said, adding that “after Donald Trump officially enters the White House, [their] relations with Israel will increase sue to the same threat”.

The Israeli Minister went on saying that Tel Aviv will reach an agreement with Trump over the Palestinian issue and the result will be contrary to what the current US government, under President Barak Obama, sought to reach.

“The result will be in contrast with what Barak Obama sought,” he said. Referring to future relations between Israeli regime and Arab countries he added that “there will be an agreement among these countries on a defensive and anti-terror organization against Iran that will also include Israel”.

(Source / 31.12.2016)


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