Syrian Coalition Calls on Syrians at Home & Abroad to Revive Peaceful Anti-regime Movement

The Syrian Coalition called on the Syrian people all across Syria and in the diaspora to make the day of Friday, December 30, an occasion to renew commitment to the revolution and its goals of freedom, dignity and ending tyranny in all its forms in Syria.

The Coalition said that the cease-fire agreement reached in Syria on Thursday and which took effect on Friday “offers a new opportunity for the Syrian people to reassert their rights to freedom, justice and dignity.”

Friday, December 30, is an occasion “to honor the fallen heroes; to remember the pain and suffering the detainees in Assad’s prisons are going through; to stand by the bereaved mothers; and to support the steadfast FSA fighters,” the Coalition said.

The Coalition urged the Syrian people at home and abroad to take to the streets to peacefully demonstrate and express their vision for future Syria and to stand by what is right against falsehood, tyranny and foreign occupiers.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 30.12.2016)


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