Israeli investigators interrogate Sheikh Salah in prison


Khaled Zabarqah, the lawyer of Sheikh Raed Salah the leader of the Islamic Movement in 1948 Occupied Palestine, revealed that the Israeli authorities had opened a new probe with the Sheikh.

“Last week witnessed the entry of members of the Israeli investigation unit known as Lahav 433 into Ramon prison where Raed Salah is detained,” Zabarqah said on Thursday.

“This investigation team opened new files with him concerning his speeches and his activities in Al-Aqsa,” he added.

Zabarqah warned that the Israeli authorities are trying to criminalize even the Palestinians way of worship, pointing out that the prosecution against the Sheikh was not purely political anymore but rather religious.

Sheikh Salah was imprisoned on May 8, 2016 after an Israeli court sentenced him to nine months on charges of incitement to violence in a speech he made nine years ago.

The case goes back to a speech the Sheikh delivered in 2007 in Wadi al-Joz in Occupied Jerusalem after the Israeli occupation authorities demolished a bridge leading to the Maghareba gate, which has been under Israeli control since 1967.

(Source / 30.12.2016)


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