Palestinian ex-detainee denied medical treatment


Israeli occuaption authorities (IOA) denied the entry of the ex-detainee Asma Abul Haija, the prisoner Sheikh Jamal Abul Haija’s wife, to occupied Jerusalem for medical treatment.

Family sources affirmed that the IOA blocked Abul Haija’s travel to occupied Jerusalem or to Jordan to remove a brain tumor.

Speaking to the PIC reporter, Abul Haija’s daughter said that any delay in her mother’s medical treatment would lead to serious and permanent health complications.

She may completely lose her eyesight at any moment, she added.

The family pointed out that Abul Haija’s health situation has seriously deteriorated since her son Imad’s arrest at the hands of Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) nearly a month ago.

Since then, Abul Haija has repeatedly requested for a special Israeli entry permit to enter occupied Jerusalem and to conduct a medical surgery in the French Hospital.

Her demands were always refused, the family underlined.

Last week, Abul Haija was also denied travel to Jordan via Karama crossing and was forced to return home.

The family called on international human rights institutions to urgently intervene and to put pressure on the IOA in order to allow their mother’s travel for medical treatment, holding Israel responsible for her life.

In 2003, Asma Abul Haija spent nine months in administrative detention following her husband’s arrest who is sentenced to nine life terms plus 20 years.

Her four sons have been also detained more than once by Israeli forces, while her youngest son was shot and killed during armed clashes in 2014.

Her daughter Banan was also detained for 23 days in Jalama detention center.

In 2002, Israeli warplanes bombed her family house, destroying parts of it.

(Source / 29.12.2016)


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