Israeli court sentences Palestinian youth to 35 years in prison


An Israeli court in Jerusalem Wednesday sentenced youngster Abdul Aziz Mer’i from the village of Qarawat Bani Hassan, in the northwest of Salfit, to 35 years in prison and a reparation amounting to $130,000.

The court convicted Mer’i of serving as an accessory in an anti-occupation attack by slain Muhannad al-Halabi that killed two Israelis in Jerusalem’s Old City in October last year.

Mer’i was arrested days after Muhannad Halabi, from Ramallah, stabbed and killed two Israeli settlers in Occupied Jerusalem and charged him of giving assistance to al-Halabi to enter Occupied Jerusalem in order to carry out the anti-occupation attack.

The imposed fine will go as a compensation to the families of the two dead Israelis.

Lawyer Ahlam Haddad said the list of indictments included attempted murder, involvement in murder, planning murder, knife possession, entering the occupied territories without a permit, and photographing slain al-Halabi.

Mer’i had been subjected to harsh torture in Palestinian Authority (PA) lock ups in at least seven former arrests.

The occupation army broke into Mer’i’s family home in Qarawat Bani Hassan for at least three times, the latest of which occurred on January 20, 2015, and threatened the demolition of the home.

(Source / 28.12.2016)


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