Haneyya: The 2008 war is a milestone in the Palestinian struggle


Deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya has said that the 2008 Gaza war has marked an important milestone in the Palestinian people’s struggle for the liberation of Palestine.

In a speech delivered on the eighth anniversary of the 2008 war, Haneyya stated that the Israeli occupation state had failed to achieve its goals during its military aggression against the Gaza people, who won the war with their steadfastness and resistance.

The Hamas official also said that one of Israel’s goals during that war was to dissuade the population from supporting their resistance and turn them against it through bombing their homes and massacring them, but all its plans went awry.

He affirmed that 21 days of Israeli aggression were filled with stories of heroism, patience, sacrifice and popular rallying around the resistance, which joined forces with its people and government to fend off the enemy.

Haneyya reiterated his Movement’s adherence to the path of armed resistance until the liberation of Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque from the occupation.

(Source / 28.12.2016)


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