Interim Ministry of Local Administration Seeking to Empower Judiciary and Police Force in Liberated Areas

Mohammed Mouthayeb, Minister of Local Administration in the Syrian interim government, said that that the ministry is working on empowering judiciary institutions and the deployment of local police stations across all liberated areas to end all armed presence among the civilian population.

Mouthayeb said that the southern region has a law court that adopted the Unified Arab Law approved by the Arab League. The court was established in agreement between the Free Syrian Army groups and local councils in southern Syria. Mouthayeb pointed out that the ministry is seeking to apply this experience in all the liberated areas across Syria.

Mouthayeb said that the law court in the southern region is working on enforcing the law in the region with the help of an experienced judiciary, adding that the court is also providing training to judges on the Unified Arab Law to adopt it in all law courts.

The law court has a bureau in which all lawsuits are documented and classified according to the regulations governing the work of the court, Mouthayeb said. He pointed out that the judicial staff in the law court in the southern region is composed of 45 judges distributed in two courthouses. The law court has an administrative staff composed of 50 employees as well as an executive body of 120 members.

Mouthayeb said that the interim government set up a unfired police force in the southern region in coordination with provincial councils and FSA groups. Colonel Ahmed Miqdad was appointed commander of the unified police force in the southern region, while the ministry is working on setting up a command structure for the police force.

The ministry is currently developing plans to set up police stations in the rest of the liberated areas across Syria, Mouthayeb said.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 26.12.2016)


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