Assad Now in Control in Syria: Robert Fisk

Assad Now in Control in Syria: Robert Fisk

Alwaght- After the liberation of Syrian city of Aleppo from militant and terrorist groups, the British Independent daily says “Assad is back in control in Syria”.

The Independent’s article, written by Robert Fisk, goes on to say “Russia and Iran and the Shiite Muslims of the region are now deciding its future; Bashar al-Assad cannot claim victory – but he is winning”.

The well known British writer and journalist mentions the fast advancements of Syrian army in the operation to liberate the city from terrorists as he recalls “Aleppo must be taken quickly – before Mosul falls, a Syrian brigadier announced to me with a wan smile in the country’s army headquarters in Damascus. And it did, scarcely a month later”.

The article believes western media’s description of the “good guy” and the “bad guy” in Syria is “still being re-threaded into old loops” as the militants and terrorist occupying cities are introduced as mere “rebels” who oppose Assad but when the national army goes to defeat them, it is compared to Milosevic’s Serb killers or Saddam’s gas-bomb pilots.

“Russia realized that Obama and the weeping liberals of Europe were bluffing about the overthrow of Bashar – who, unlike Putin’s Ukrainian ally in Kiev, did not run away – and backed his army. The Economist made fun of Syrian soldiers because they supposedly couldn’t march in step when Moscow staged a military parade at its Syrian air base. But you don’t have to march like the Wehrmacht to win battles,” it writes.

Independent’s correspondent also says “after almost five years of battle, the Syrian army is still in action. The Nusrah and ISIS forces surrounding the government sector of the eastern Syrian city of Deir ez-Zour will almost certainly be its next target — after the retaking of Palmyra, but long before the ISIS capital of Raqqa, which will probably be retaken by Washington’s Kurdish allies. And it is the Syrian army which will most likely have to rebuild the new Syria when the war eventually ends. It will certainly decide the future of the country.”

“That doesn’t mean the overthrow of Bashar. Neither among his official opponents nor his mortal jihadi enemies nor the corrupt and corrupted political opposition in Turkey is there anyone who can challenge him on the ground”.

Concluding his article, the writer advises western leader to realize the realities on the field in Syrian war. He mentions those realities as “Russia is back in the Middle East. Iran is securing its political semi-circle of Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus-Beirut. And if the (Persian) Gulf Arabs – or the Americans – want to re-involve themselves, they can chat to Putin. Or to Assad”.

(Source / 26.12.2016)


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