Activist urges Abbas-run PA to cease security coordination with Israel


Member of the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP) Khaled Mansour called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to cease all forms of security coordination with the Israeli occupation.

Activist Khaled Mansour made his comments in response to a decision by the Israeli war minister Avigdor Lieberman to end all contacts and meetings with the PA, except for security cooperation.

“The PA should not spare such a golden chance. The right moment has come to discard such an obnoxious coordination with the Israeli occupation,” said Mansour.

The PPP leader slammed Lieberman’s decision, which he said comes in response to the anti-settlement bid adopted by the UN Security Council.

“Israel is now standing naked in front of the entire world as it has lost its U.S. shield,” he stated.

“The time has come for the PA leadership to alter its approach, appeal to the International Criminal Court, and strive for membership at all the UN-run bodies,” he added.

Mansour further pushed for the need to make step forwards in order to boost the boycott-of-Israel campaign, impose sanctions on the Israeli occupation, and rescind investments from Israel.

(Source / 26.12.2016)


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