Hamas launches construction of Gaza mosque in honor of slain Zouari


Hamas embarked on the construction of a so-called Mohamed al-Zouari mosque, in a move aiming to pay tribute to the slain Tunisian drone engineer al-Zouari.

Speaking to the PIC, Dr. Ossama Hamad, in charge of the project, said Hamas initiated the construction of the mosque in honor of the Tunisian scientist Mohamed al-Zouari, killed last Thursday outside of his home in the southern Tunisian city of Sfax.

The mosque is located to the northwest of Jabalia Camp, in northern Gaza Strip.

“This is the least we can offer to commemorate the sacrifices made by the Tunisian scientist who died for the sake of the al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine,” said Hamad.

He added that worshipers started to perform their prayers in the partially-constructed mosque, which was built on a 150-meter land lot donated by Palestinians from the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Hamad voiced hope that the project would garner support and funding by Arabs and the international community.

Tunisian engineer Mohamed Zouari, who supervised the drone program of Hamas’s armed wing—al-Qassam Brigades—was assassinated outside his home in Sfax on December 15, 2016, in a crime believed to be perpetrated by the Israeli Mossad.

(Source / 25.12.2016)


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