Hariri: Russia Must Stop Supporting Assad to Prove Serious about Political Solution

Member of the Syrian Coalition’s political committee Nasr Hariri said that Russia has to stop the war crimes against civilians in Syria and stop supporting the mass forced displacement by the Assad regime and the Iranian-backed foreign militias to prove it is serious about finding a political solution in Syria.

Hariri stressed that Russia has to bet on the Syrian people not the Assad regime and support a political process that aims to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people through putting in place a real political transition in line with UN Security Council resolutions 2118 and 2254 as well as the Geneva Communique of 2012.

President of the Syrian Coalition Anas Abdah met with several Arab and Western officials to discuss ways to stop the regime’s crimes against civilians in Aleppo. He also sent letters to the UN Secretary-General, the UN Security Council, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League, and 23 friendly countries urging them for action.

The Syrian Coalition and the Syrian interim government has set up a crisis cell to address the fallout of the brutal onslaught on eastern Aleppo and the mass forced displacement of its residents by the Assad regime and its allies. The Coalition helped organize a number of demonstrations in Turkey and European capitals to show solidarity with civilians in Aleppo and condemn the crimes by the regime and its allies.

Teams from the interim government received people who were displaced from Aleppo and provided them with shelter and basic needs in cooperation with local and international aid organizations. The teams also moved the injured and sick to hospitals in rebel-held areas while those seriously injured were transferred to Turkish hospitals.

Member of the Coalition Salwa Aktaw said that the safety of civilians remains a top priority for the Coalition. She pointed out that the brutal onslaught on eastern Aleppo and the systematic war crimes by Assad, Russia, and Iran against civilians and the destruction of the vital civilian infrastructure left the civilian population with no other option but to agree to the evacuation agreement.

Aktaw stressed that the evacuation deal is in fact a mass forced displacement that must be punished under international law and international humanitarian law, adding that the operation was orchestrated by Russia and Iran. She said that Russia’s actions in Aleppo have proved that it cannot claim to be trusted within the international system.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 23.12.2016)


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