Israeli policemen shoot Jerusalemite youth, arrest 10 in Shufat


The Israeli occupation police shot a Palestinian young man on Tuesday and arrested 10 others during clashes that broke out in Shufat refugee camp to the north of occupied Jerusalem.

The spokesman of Fatah movement in Shufat camp, Thaer al-Fasfoos, said that dozens of heavily armed Israeli policemen stormed the camp and fired tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at the young men who confronted the raid.

He said that a group of undercover Israeli soldiers sneaked among those young men, ambushed five of them and took them prisoners after beating them.

Al-Fasfoos told Quds Press news agency that the policemen fired live bullets during the raid injuring a young man whose health condition is unknown yet.

The Israeli police claimed, in a statement, that its forces stormed Shufat camp to arrest Palestinian workers who don’t have legal permits to enter the territory.

It said that four Palestinian workers were arrested in one of the shops in addition to the ship-owner who is a resident of Shufat camp.

In the same statement, the police claimed that a group of Palestinian youths threw stones at the police and the latter responded using different means and arrested 5 boys aged between 16 to 17 years old and took them for investigation.

The Israeli police raids in Shufat camp happen on a daily basis allegedly to pursue young men throwing stones or Molotov Cocktails at the police patrols.

(Source / 20.12.2016)


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