15 Palestinian families forced out of their homes in Jordan Valley


The Israeli occupation army on Tuesday ordered 15 Palestinian families to evacuate their homes in the northern Jordan Valley for a couple of days for military drills.

Head of the local village council Aref Daraghma said the occupation army forced Palestinians out of their homes in Wad Ibziq area, in the northern Jordan Valley, in preparation for Israeli military maneuvers in the area.

Daraghma said the Palestinian natives of the area have been subjected to arbitrary demolitions, confiscation of agricultural equipment, forced displacement, and mass evacuation orders slapped by the occupation army on a permanent basis.

According to the activist, at least 200 Palestinian families have been evacuated out of their homes in the northern Jordan Valley since the start of December and under the same pretext.

He further spoke out against the serious damage inflicted by such Israeli military drills in the area as the occupation army often overuses heavy arms, machineguns, and shells during the maneuvers damaging cultivated land lots in the process.

At the same time, the Israeli occupation forces announced their decision to carry out large-scale military drills for three days in Ashkelon city, near to the blockaded Gaza Strip, as of Tuesday evening.

The Israeli Channel 7 quoted the army’s spokesman as stating that the drills make part of a preplanned training scheme.

Air raid sirens were, meanwhile, sounded Tuesday morning as part of an Israeli Home Front Command drill in the HaSharon region, in 1948 Occupied Palestine. The drills make part of emergency-response maneuvers.

(Source / 20.12.2016)


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