Maktabi: Russia Must Stop Attacks on Civilians before Proposing Any Political Initiative

Officials at the Syrian Coalition stressed that Russia must stop attacks on civilian infrastructure and residential areas before proposing any political initiative to find a solution in Syria.

Member of the Syrian Coalition Mohammed Yahya Maktabi said that Moscow cannot maintain its interests in Syria while killing Syrian civilians, calling on Russia to stop its bombing campaign on Syria as was required by all international resolutions. Maktabi said that Russia violates the very UN resolutions it co-drafted and approved.

The Coalition will continue to insist on the implementation of all UN resolutions on Syria, Maktabi said. He pointed out that Moscow must realize that their interests lie with the Syrian people and not with the crumbling regime or with the Khamenei regime whose policies are fueling sectarian strife and destabilizing the region.

Member of the Coalition’s political committee Hawass Saadoun said that Russia is covering up the crimes of the Assad and Iranian regimes in Syria through supporting them in international forums as well as its use of the veto at the UN Security Council. He stressed that Russia’s repeated use of its veto power has encouraged the Assad regime and Iranian militias to commit more war crimes against civilians in Syria.

Saadoun said that Iran has sought to impede the evacuation of civilians from Aleppo. He added that Iran insists on pursuing a military solution, which undermines chances of a political solution and fuels terrorism in Syria and the world.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 19.12.2016)


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