Syrian Coalition: Putin Seeking to Impose New Reality in Syria Following Military Operations

An official in the Syrian Coalition said that Russia is seeking to build on its recent military operation in Aleppo to impose a solution in Syria that does not meet the aspirations of the Syrian people.

Secretary of the Coalition’s political committee Riad Hasan condemned the war crimes being committed by the Assad regime and its allies in Aleppo and other Syrian cities.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking to impose solutions that serve the interests of his country and help defuse tension with the European Union which sanctioned Russia over the crisis in Ukraine,” Hasan said. He added: “Putin is also seeking to stop economic downturn in his country resulting from the decline in oil prices.”

Hasan went on to say that Moscow is seeking to promote so-called opposition bodies that were manufactured by the Assad regime, Russia, and Iran. He stressed that these solutions are inconsistent with international resolutions on Syria, noting that this move is aimed at keeping Assad in power.

Hasan pointed out that the solutions Russia is seeking to impose in Syria violate international law, adding that Russia is seeking to exploit the results of the battle for Aleppo where the worst massacres since World War II are being committed against the people of the city.

Member of the Syrian Coalition Nagham Ghadiri said attempts by Moscow and Tehran to rehabilitate the Assad regime reflect the Russian mafia-like mentality, adding that Syrian people who have risen to regain freedom and dignity will not back down till all their demands and aspirations are met.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 16.12.2016)


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