Sheikh Sabri: Relocating the US embassy to J’lem “declaration of war”


Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, head of the Higher Islamic Council in Jerusalem, strongly denounced Washington’s plan to relocate the US embassy to the holy city, warning that such a step would be deemed “a declaration of war against Arabs and Muslims.”

In his Friday khutba (sermon) at the Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Sabri said that president-elect Donald Trump’s promise to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Occupied Jerusalem was against the inalienable Muslim-Palestinian right to the holy city and violated the international resolutions that affirmed that “Jerusalem is an occupied city.”

The preacher added that Trump had made this promise during his election campaign to please the Jews in America and the world.

“If we assume that this alleged pledge has been realized and carried out, this means that America recognizes that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jews and has thus declared a new war against the people of Palestine, and also against the entire Arab and Muslim nations,” Sheikh Sabri stated.

(Source / 16.12.2016)

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