Mossad suspected of killing Tunisian aviation expert


Tunisian newspapers reported Friday that a Tunisian aviation expert was assassinated by unidentified gunmen, accusing the Israeli Mossad of being involved in the crime.

Unidentified gunmen shot and killed the university professor Mohamed Zawari on Thursday, in front of his home in Menzel Shaker, in the governorate of Sfax to the south of Tunisia.

Zawari, who was killed by four bullets, is a technical director in a mechanical engineering firm and is married to a Syrian, the sources specified.

The media sources pointed out that five persons were arrested for being involved in the shooting attack.

Bullet shells had been found near the car and an “estafette” was found abandoned at 1 km from the crime scene in which there are bullet shells and bloodstains, a Tunisian security official said, adding that an investigation had been initiated to determine the causes of the crime.

The Tunisian journalist Borhane Besais accused the Israeli Mossad of being involved in the crime, saying that Zawari had previously cooperated with Hamas’s armed wing in developing drones.

(Source / 16.12.2016)


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