4 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails


Four Palestinian prisoners went on hunger strike in Israeli jails in protest against their very difficult detention conditions.

The Palestinian prisoner Ammar Hamour, 28, has been on hunger strike for 25 days in protest against his administrative detention.

Hamour has recently been transferred to solitary confinement in Ashkelon prison.

His health situation has seriously deteriorated as he boycotts medical tests and Israeli hospitals.

Hamour, from Jenin, was arrested on February 16, 2016 and held since then in administrative detention.

The prisoners Anas Shadeed and Ahmed Abu Fara have continued their hunger strike for 84 days in protest against Israeli policy of administrative detention according to which they are held without charge or trial under the pretext of secret security files.

The two hunger strikers have stopped drinking water for three days.

Along the same line, the prisoner Kifah Hattab, 54, has been on hunger strike for 21 days, demanding to be considered a prisoner of war in accordance with the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Hattab, from the city of Tulkarem in the occupied West Bank, is a captain pilot in the Palestinian Authority and has been held in Israeli prison since 2003, when he was sentenced to two life sentences for alleged involvement in an armed organization during the Second Intifada.

(Source / 16.12.2016)


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