PA forces storm detained Hamas leader’s house, beat his wif


Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces stormed at dawn Thursday the senior detained Hamas leader Jamal al-Hur’s house in Surif town, north of al-Khalil, and beat his wife.

Speaking to the PIC reporter, al-Hur’s wife affirmed that heavily-armed PA forces stormed the family house at 1 a.m. after blowing up its door and brutally assaulted her.

“I fell to the ground after being severely beaten”, she said.

The PA forces violently searched the house and questioned the wife about her two sons who were not at home at that time.

Several local youths were arrested during the raid into the town, the wife added.

The PA raid into the town came as several posters celebrating Hamas’s 29th anniversary were hung on the walls.

Commenting on the incident, the prisoners media center strongly condemned the PA forces’ attack on the prisoner al-Hur’s house and family.

The center called on PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and head of the Intelligence Service Majed Faraj to hold accountable those responsible for the attack.

(Source / 15.12.2016)


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