Khalil: Assad’s Alleged Victory in Aleppo is War Crime & Total Disgrace

Member of the Syrian Coalition’s political committee Hawass Khalil said that the Assad regime’s alleged victory in Aleppo is a total disgrace as those who captured the city’s besieged neighborhoods are Iranian-backed foreign militias and mercenaries fighting under Russian areal cover, not Assad’s troops.

This elusive victory came after residents of eastern Aleppo were forced to flee the city to escape death by brutal bombardment, field executions, starvation, and terrorization, Khalil said.

In an interview with Sobeida TV channel, Khalil pointed out that the battle for Aleppo has brought to the surface serious disputes and even conflicting interests between Russia and Iran, Assad’s staunchest allies, as to the control of the embattled city. He stressed that the invaders will eventually be forced to leave the city by the people of Aleppo.

Khalil criticized the silence of the international community over the tragedy unfolding in Syria, especially in Aleppo. “This total silence over the daily killings of innocent people has proved that the human rights the international community claims to advocate are mere empty slogans that are irrelevant when it comes to politics.”

Khalil stressed that all the crimes the Assad regime and its allied militias are committing in Syria will fail to destroy the revolution which is deeply-rooted in the hearts and minds of the Syrian people. He said that despite all the odds, the Syrian people will not give up their demands for freedom and dignity.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 15.12.2016)


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