Palestinians disappointed by 2-state plan and Abbas

46% of Gazans want to emigrate according to a survey

Two Palestinian student girls walk past a graffiti reading 'GAZA LOVE LIFE' in Gaza City

Two Palestinian student girls walk past a graffiti reading ‘GAZA LOVE LIFE’ in Gaza City

TEL AVIV – A survey conducted recently in the West Bank and Gaza by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey found that 65% think that the two-state solution is no longer feasible, in part due to the progressive spread of Jewish settlements. Two out of every three of the Palestinians respondents said that President Mahmoud Abbas should resign. If presidential elections were to be held in the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas would lose against Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh if only these two were included.

However, if other candidates were to stand as well, the winner would be Marwan Barghouti from the Fatah party. Barghouti is currently serving a sentence in an Israeli jail.

The results of the survey show that the situation in Gaza is verging on desperation, with 46% wanting to emigrate. Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu’s policies against Palestinians and Arab citizens of Israel are strongly opposed: 85% say that his blaming of Arabs for setting fires last month that raged through Israeli territory was baseless, and 87% said that his government’s initiative (under preparation) to prohibit the use of loudspeakers in mosques was tantamount to ”a war on Islam”.

Ninety percent of Palestinians condemn the Islamic State, according to the survey.

(Source / 14.12.2016)


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