Syrian Army Deploys Reinforcement to Liberate Palmyra

Syrian Army Deploys Reinforcement to Liberate Palmyra

Alwaght- Syrian army has deployed some units of its infantry to the central city of Palmyra to counter attacks by the ISIS terrorists.

The city was lost to the terrorists on Sunday and now the Syrian army is trying to establish a defense line around the city as the commanders are mulling an extensive operation to retake the ancient city.

Despite being heavily outnumbered, with some 1,000 government troops against an estimated 4,000-5,000 invading ISIS militants, several hundred additional Syrian soldiers arrived on Sunday afternoon in order to stiffen the army’s defenses and boost morale.

Should the Military High Command pursue a counter-offensive, SAA commanders could approach the task in two different ways.

The reinforcement forces are largely from tribal fighters of the Syrian army known as the ‘Qalamoun Shield’ that are from Damascus mountainous countryside.

The development comes as the Syrian army recently managed to gain a huge victory over terrorists by liberating the northern Aleppo city after nearly a month of intense fighting with the terrorist and militant groups.

Terrorists seem to be trying to open other fronts to reduce the pressure on groups still in Aleppo and provide for their safe escape from the city’s less than 3% that is still under militant control.

(Source / 13.12.2016)


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