Syrian Coalition Consults with Syrian Islamic Council to Lay out Comprehensive National Vision

President of the Syrian Coalition Anas Abdah on Monday met with head of the Syrian Islamic Council Sheikh Osama Rifai to discuss the latest developments in Syria, especially in Aleppo and the rest of the besieged areas across Syria. The meeting was attended by the Coalition’s Vice-president Abdul Ahad Steifo, member of the Coalition’s political committee Fuad Aliko, and member of the opposition’s High Negotiations Committee Farouk Tayfur.

The meeting discussed laying out a comprehensive national vision for all political, civil, and military forces of the revolution to safeguards the gains of the revolution and help achieve its goals in building a state based on freedom, justice and the rule of law for all Syrians.

The two sides also discussed the latest political and field developments, including the ongoing Russian and Assad regime’s brutal onslaught on Aleppo and the ferocious bombardment on Idlib by the Assad regime backed by the Russian forces and the Iranian-backed foreign militias.

Both sides also warned of the policies the Assad regime is pursuing in the Syrian cities and towns with the aim to force the local population out of their homes serving Iranian expansionist projects in Syria and the region.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 12.12.2016)


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