Syrian rebel leader thanks Israel for its attack on Damascus

Israeli media service i24 News, based in Tel Aviv and Jaffa Port, has reported that a Syrian rebel commander has thanked Israel for its attack on Mezzeh airbase in southwest Damascus.

Khaled Khalaf, a lawyer and a high-ranking member of the Syrian Revolutionary Command Council, told i24news’ Arabic channel that “If Israel repeats what it did this morning [referring to the alleged strikes], in the coming days we will achieve victories.”

“We thank the Tel Aviv for bombing those missiles bases at Mezze Airport, these were equipped to kill the children of Aleppo in Syria.”

Khalaf however seemed in denial about the severity of the situation in Aleppo against the jihadist forces.

“Our men on the ground do not flee. It is very easy to fabricate films that emphasize these words, but it’s untrue. The Syrian resistance, fighters of the revolution welcome martyrdom,” he said.

He further added “there is always advancing and retreating in war,” all the more so “when facing many thousands of bandits and mercenaries, Iranians, Russians, and Chinese, who are fighting alongside the regime, the Russian fighter jets are also bombing day and night. It is normal to re-arrange our affairs.”

He overlooked that many of the militant fighters are international jihadists and that there is no Chinese military presence in Syria.

(Source / 08.12.2016)


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