ICRC manager calls for lifting Gaza siege


Mamadou Sow, ICRC manager in Gaza Strip, told a press conference on Thursday that restrictions imposed by “neighboring authorities” obstruct the reconstruction process in the beleaguered enclave.

“Gaza has so much to give, but the restrictions are preventing Gazans from having a normal life,” he added.

According to Sow,” What Gaza needs does not rely entirely on aid, but providing the opportunity to rebuild.”

“Imposing restrictions on Gaza Strip cannot bring stability; therefore, everything that Gaza has is at stake now,” he pointed out.

“My message to the world is to display how shameful it is for 2 million people to live in such a small place and to be left like this,” he continued while stressing the need to find a solution.

Sow stressed that the Red Cross is still negotiating with neighboring countries regarding the imposed restrictions.

In the same context, Sow said,” We are talking to Israel about respecting the international humanitarian law concerning saving lives.”

The World Bank warned in a report in August that the situation in the Gaza Strip is unlivable especially in the light of the high unemployment rate, which has become now the highest in the world by reaching 43%, while 40% of the people are languishing below the poverty line.

(Source / 08.12.2016)


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