Hundreds of torture lawsuits against Israeli jailers unheeded


Despite hundreds of complaints of Shin Bet Torture, no single criminal investigation has been launched by the Israelis, Haaretz reported Wednesday.

A special unit was created seven years ago to investigate complaints against the Shin Bet, but employs just one investigator, said Haaretz.

Despite dozens of “inquiries” opened in recent years, none developed into an investigation.

Even in cases where detainees provide testimonies on torture, including severe beatings and extensive sleep deprivation, no probes have been launched into Shin Bet crimes.

Hearings on a petition to the High Court of Justice revealed that in 2001-2008 nearly 600 complaints had been submitted to the unit, and every single one of the cases had been closed.

A total of 148 complaints recorded in 2014 had also gone unheeded. Dozens more were filed in 2015 and 2016 without a single investigation being launched into the charges.

(Source / 08.12.2016)


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