Hamas documents Israeli, PA violations against Palestinians in November

The Hamas Information Office has released a monthly report documenting Israeli and Palestinian Authority (PA) violations against Palestinians during November 2016.

According to the report, the Israeli occupation forces “IOF” had over the last month killed 5 Palestinians, including 4 in the West Bank, while it had over the same period detained 375 Palestinians, including 54 minors, 28 freed ex-prisoners and 11 women.

Among the detainees were 15 Hamas cadres who had just been released from PA prisons after various periods of interrogation and detention over political grounds.

Israeli forces had also knocked down a mosque and 29 Palestinian residential buildings as well as 30 agricultural and industrial facilities.

In addition, Israeli Occupation Authorities had in November sanctioned the construction of 3742 housing units in illegal settlements erected on occupied Palestinian lands in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The report further documented 70 cases of arbitrary arrests by PA security forces which targeted pro-resistance activists, including 68 Hamas cadres and 2 members of Islamic Jihad Movement.

PA forces have also summoned 37 others for interrogation over political backgrounds.

(Source / 06.12.2016)


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