Barghouthi calls on PA to reconsider its duties


Fatah movement leader, Marwan al-Barghouthi, called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to reconsider its duties which are supposed to be directed toward the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

In a statement reported by his lawyer, Barghouthi, who is held captive in Israeli jails, said that he will not deviate from his original political path and will continue his work toward achieving national unity and liberation.

He also expressed his satisfaction for winning the highest votes in the elections held by the Central Committee of Fatah movement, which concluded its seventh conference in Ramallah last Sunday.

Barghouthi said that electing him as a member in the Central Committee of Fatah movement shows Fatah members’ support for him.

Barghouthi, who is serving five life sentences in the Israeli jails after being detained in 2002, called on the PA to consolidate its relations with the Arab countries and the friendly western countries.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, described Barghouthi as “a terrorist leader who encouraged terrorist operations,” and considered his election as an incitement to hatred against Israel.

Barghouthi’s wife, Fadwa al-Barghouti, said that her husband represents “a model of the revolutionary thought,” pointing out that “Marwan al-Barghouti will be wherever the Palestinian people want him to be.”

Last Sunday, Fatah movement concluded its seventh conference since it was founded in 1965, which lasted for 6 days. The conference basically aimed to reunite the movement and put an end to its internal disputes.

(Source / 06.12.2016)


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