Netanyahu seeks to whitewash 4,000 illegal settlement units


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking ways to legitimize nearly 4,000 settlement units illegally built on Palestinian private lands in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli Channel 7 said a strategic deal is about to see the day as soon as a compromise will be reached between Netanyahu and Bayit Yehudi chairman Education Minister Naftali Bennett over the settlement bid.

The compromise will culminate in the legalization of 4,000 settlement units, along with dozens of other isolated houses.

A report broadcast by Channel 7 warned of underway attempts to sanction dozens of thousands of settlement buildings illegally built on Palestinians’ own lands.

The bid does not only seek to whitewash the illegal settlement in Amona outpost. 55 other outposts, comprising 797 settlement units built on 3,067 dunums of Palestinian lands, are also to take profit from the settlement-whitewash process.

The sought-after compromise will also bring about a legalization of 3,125 illegal settlement units established on Palestinian lands covering an overall area of 5,014 dunums.

A few days earlier, the Israeli legal adviser, under pressure from Netanyahu, ruled for the transfer of Amona settlement units to three nearby land lots on claims that they make part of absentee land property.

(Source / 05.12.2016)


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