Muslim Brotherhood discusses reconciliation with Egyptian authorities

Headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt [File photo]

Headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt [File photo]

The Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood recently held a meeting in Turkey to discuss proposals of reconciliation with the Egyptian authorities, Almesryoon reported yesterday.

The news site said that Muslim Brotherhood sources revealed the discussion of the reconciliation in a meeting in Turkey, adding that the meeting, which was run by the group’s Secretary-General Mahmoud Ezzat, discussed the contacts conducted in this regard.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council is the legislative authority of the group and it is the body which draws the general guidelines, policies, executive procedures to carry out the policies and discusses annual reports which are regularly raised to the supreme leader. Resolutions of the council are mandatory.

Secretary of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Freedom and Justice Party Mohamed Sudan, who is a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader, denied having information about the meeting in Turkey, citing he is not a member of the Shura Council.

Samer Ismail, Muslim Brotherhood activist, said: “The group cannot officially announce reaching a reconciliation. A reconciliation could be completely carried out and a ceasefire could be reached through mediators without the knowledge of the group’s members on the ground.”

Ismail saw the release of a few numbers of the Muslim Brotherhood in a presidential pardon as a “good-will” gesture which could lead to possible reconciliation.

(Source / 05.12.2016)


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