Israel bans Arabic voice announcements aboard Beersheba buses


In a new racist move, the Israeli authorities in Beersheba city have decided to immediately silence the public address system in Arabic language on the city’s buses.

At the behest of Beersheba mayor Ruvik Danilovich, the Israeli ministry of transportation instructed the Dan Bus Company to remove Arabic voice announcements aboard its public buses.

Danilovich justified his racist step by saying that he responded to local Jewish-Israeli residents who lodged complaints to the company and the Beersheba’s city hall over announcing bus stops in Arabic besides Hebrew.

Speaking to an Israeli channel, the mayor claimed further that Arabic would be included on Beersheba buses once “it is implemented in all of Israel.”

This measure has been deplored by Arab citizens of Israel as racist and part of the incitement campaign that was launched by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu against Arab citizens during the recent wildfires that hit the country.

Beersheba is a 200,000-person city in the country’s southern Negev region.

Many of the passengers on Beersheba buses and trains are Arab residents of the city and its environs, and the public address system in Arabic is designed to serve them.

Arabic is an officially recognized language in Israel. By law, government ministries have to issue all official announcements, advertisements and official forms in both Hebrew and Arabic, and people are entitled to address local authorities and government bodies in Hebrew or Arabic.

(Source / 04.12.2016)


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