Steifo: Regime & Allies Onslaught on Aleppo Failed to Achieve Its Objectives

Vice-president of the Syrian Coalition Abdul Ahad Steifo said that the ongoing brutal assault on Aleppo by the Assad regime, Russia and the Iranian militias has so far failed to achieve its objectives to retake the entire city in spite of the genocidal crimes being committed against civilians.

Aleppo has seen the gravest war crimes since World War II, Steifo said, adding that “the regime, Russia and Iran have not achieved their objectives in Aleppo. Russia is now seeking to get of the trouble it brought upon itself in Syria.”

Aleppo and its countryside have been subjected to ferocious onslaught by the Assad regime and Russian forces since November 15. Over 750 people, mostly women and children, have so far been killed and thousands more injured in the ongoing bombing campaign on the city and its countryside.

Steifo stressed the urgent need for the resumption of the political process through negotiations in Geneva and the enforcement of UN resolutions, especially the humanitarian provisions that call for an end to the bombing, lifting the sieges, the delivery of aid to civilians in need, and the release of detainees.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 03.12.2016)


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