Prisoner Yusri Al-Masri at risk of losing his eyesight


The Palestinian prisoner Yusri Al-Masri, 31, said that he is suffering from a severe weakness in his eyesight, putting him at the risk of losing it at any moment.

He blamed Israeli medical negligence over his condition, adding that he did not receive proper treatment for his retinal detachment problems.

Masri said in a letter to Mohjat Al-Quds Society on Saturday that he has been suffering for months from a blur and black points in his eyes. This caused him severe pains in his eyes other than the pains he suffers in his backbone and spinal cord with no treatment being provided for him.

In his letter, Masri called on human rights institutions and societies concerned with the Palestinian prisoners’ affairs to put pressure on the Israeli courts to provide necessary treatment for him. He also asked for a specialist doctor to diagnose his case as he is suffering from regular pains in his liver and intestines as well.

Masri, who hails from Deir Al-Balah, in central Gaza Strip, was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces on 9th June 2003 and sentenced to 20 years for being a member of Islamic Jihad Movement. Masri is one of the victims of the deliberate medical neglect policy in the Israeli jails, and his case ranks among the most dangerous.

(Source / 03.12.2016)


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