Palestinian detainee releases affidavit on torture in Israeli custody


In a sworn affidavit, 32-year-old Mohamed Ahmad Al-Najar provided evidence of the harsh psycho-physical torture he has been subjected to during and prior to his incarceration.

A lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) quoted prisoner al-Najar as stating that the Israeli occupation soldiers on Monday heavily beat him on his flank and face shortly after they kidnapped him from his home in al-Fawar camp, in the southern occupied West Bank province of al-Khalil.

The occupation soldiers forced al-Najar to walk for one hour from his home to the illegal Hagai settlement.

“As the soldiers dragged me to the Hagai site, I fell over and vomited blood. The soldiers turned down my appeals to transfer me via a carrier and pulled me from my chained hands,” said al-Najar.

“I was later transferred to the Etzion lock-up, where I was held for over one hour and a half, before I was dragged to the Ofer jail,” he added.

“I informed the soldiers about the stomach and spinal pains inflicted on my vulnerable body. Yet, they locked me up in a cold cell from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.,” the affidavit further read.

The PPS lawyer, who visited al-Najar behind prison bars, said traces of heavy beating clearly figure on his body.

Al-Najar is an ex-prisoner who has been arrested by the Israeli occupation forces on eight previous occasions. He had spent nearly six years in Israeli jails.

A father of two, prisoner al-Najar is the head of the Youth Assembly to Support Prisoners in the West Bank.

(Source / 29.11.2016)


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