Now, large parts of Gaza Strip without electricity

All minor healthcare centres across the Gaza Strip were closed due to severe shortage of electricity and fuel


A cold wave is expected to hit the region on Wednesday and people would be in an urgent need for electricity to warmup; mainly those who are living in makeshift shelters

Large parts of the southern Gaza Strip are currently without electricity after reported malfunction of an Egyptian supply line.

As number of the Israeli lines feeding different parts of the Gaza Strip have been out of service for more than a week, the malfunction of the minor Egyptian line caused full blackout in southern Gaza city of Rafah and parts of Khan Younis.

Spokesman of the Gaza Electricity Company Mohamed Thabet confirmed what was reported by citizens that the power supply line known as ‘Gaza 2’ has been off since Tuesday morning.

Last week, a number of Israeli and Egyptian electricity supply lines were reported damaged and caused severe electricity outage across the whole Gaza Strip.

Since the start of the Israeli siege in 2007, Gaza suffer a daily electricity outage of eight hours. During peak times the eight rise up to ten and more.

During Israeli offensives against Gaza or briefed raids, Israel and Egypt fully cut electricity supplies. Most times during summers, they also cut the electricity supplies.

Spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza Ashraf al-Qidra announced on Friday that the severe shortage of electricity and fuel in Gaza threatens major healthcare sector, noting that most of minor healthcare centres across the Strip were completely closed.

(Source / 29.11.2016)


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