Fatah re-elects Abbas as its chairman


During its seventh conference, the Fatah Movement re-elected on Tuesday PA Chairman Abbas as chairman of the political party.

According to official Palestinian Authority (PA) news agency Wafa, the attendees unanimously re-elected Abbas as Fatah chairman during the opening of the conference.

Salim Zanoun, member of Fatah Central Committee, told the meeting held at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah that the committee members nominate Abbas as head of the movement and proposed that the plenum vote on that directly.

In his acceptance speech, Abbas said “We are meeting here today to write a new chapter in the march of our leading movement.”

He described this moment as “historical” telling the delegates that “you are today laying the foundation for a stronger and more stable period in the history of our movement.”

He added: “Your presence here today is proof of your decision to hold on to Fatah and its national program because Fatah is here to stay until it achieves its goals of liberation, independence and the establishment of the sovereign independent state.”

Fatah Movement held its seventh conference on Nov. 29 in the West Bank city of Ramallah with the participation of 1200 delegates out of 1400 of its members.

250 out of 380 of Fatah members from Gaza Strip were managed to participate in the conference.

The conference was held while Fatah is witnessing growing internal dissent, with the party discharging a number of officials from their functions in past months or preventing them from attending the party’s conference.

(Source / 29.11.2016)


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