Gaza fuel shortage puts children’s hospital out of service

Gaza fuel shortage puts children's hospital out of service

Severely restricted fuel imports to the besieged Palestinian territory has forced Gaza’s children’s hospital to temporarily close due to power cuts.

Power cuts in Gaza have put a children’s hospital out of service.

Care at the al-Durrah hospital was suspended for more than a day this week due to a lack of fuel to power its generators.

The Ministry of Health of the besieged Palestinian enclave said it would be out of commission for 27 hours due to the power shortage, according to Maan News Agency, adding that other hospitals across Gaza faced similar risks.

It also warned the lack of fuel impacted on the lives of patients dependent on electric and electronic equipment.

Israel’s decade-long siege of the Gaza Strip severely restricts the amount of fuel allowed into the territory.

London-based charity Medical Aid for Palestinians told The New Arab an end to the blockade should be an international priority.

“As Israel’s blockade approaches its tenth anniversary, Gaza’s infrastructure continues to crumble.

“Basic services such as electricity and clean water are more scarce than ever, and it is the most vulnerable groups in society who are suffering the most,” said MAP’s CEO, Tony Laurance.

“The case of al-Durrah children’s hospital highlights the impact on the Gaza’s health sector. Intermittent electricity supplies interrupt treatment at hospitals and constant power fluctuations damage sensitive medical equipment.

“A solution to Gaza’s energy crisis and an end to the blockade are urgent priorities for the international community.”

(Source / 26.11.2016)


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