6 citizens killed, 22 injured in terrorist attacks with shells in Damascus, Aleppo, Idleb


The Takfiri terrorist organizations on Friday targeted with rocket and mortar shells the cities of Damascus and Aleppo and al-Fouaa town in Idleb.


Terrorists of the so called “Jaish al-Islam” targeted with rocket shells a number of the residential neighborhoods in Damascus city.

A source at Damascus Police Command said that terrorist groups positioned in the Eastern Ghouta targeted al-Salyhiah neighborhood, killing a woman and injuring three others.

The source added that other shells hit the neighborhoods of al-Mazzeh and Ruken Eddin and al-Mazr’a area, causing material damage to private and public properties.


Death toll from terrorist rocket attacks on residential neighborhoods in Aleppo city rose to 5 killed and 17 injured.

SANA reporter in Aleppo said that terrorists fired a rocket shell on Iskandaron Street in al-Jamilyeh neighborhood in Aleppo city, killing 3 citizens and injuring 8 others.

Earlier, the reporter noted that a rocket shell was fired by terrorists positioned in the eastern neighborhoods and landed in al-Mohafazah neighborhood, killing 2 children, injuring 9 others and causing material damage to the houses.


Two persons were injured when terrorist organizations located in Binnish and Maaret Masrin fired mortar shells on the terrorist-besieged town of al-Fouaa to the north of Idleb city, according to local sources.

The sources said that a number of mortar shells hit citizens’ houses in the town, injuring a 45-years-old woman and a 9-years-old girl in addition to causing material damage to a number of houses.

The sources pointed out that one of the shells landed on the town’s mosque during Friday prayer, causing material damage to the mosque.


these kids unlikely will be shown by the Western media

(Source / 19.11.2016)


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