The Syrian Security Services and the Need for Structural and Functional Change

Security reform is a complex process and will be remedied by neither pre-packaged reform theories nor by proposals calling for a complete dismantling of security agencies. Rather, theories are needed that entail a professional nation-wide effort consistent with local, regional, and international security requirements as well as the nation’s overarching goal: the construction of a coherent and functional security sector.

This study finds that the Syrian state does not possess a “security sector” from a technical definition perspective sufficient enough to deserve reform. As it stands, security work in Syria falls into two categories: The first concerns forces of control and repression, and the second category is military-security networks. The study further proposes a set of essential structural and functional reforms necessary for maintaining state institutions while ensuring stability and sustainability of any transition process.

PDF Version

(Source + mail / 18.11.2016)


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