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Hamas rejects Israeli bill to ban Muslim call to prayer

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Hamas has slammed the proposed Israeli bill to ban Muslim call to prayer (Adhan) over loudspeakers in occupied Jerusalem and rejected the bill as a provocation against all Muslims.

“This racist bill showcases the occupation’s enmity towards Muslims and their sanctities,” Hamas spokesman Husam Badran stated in a press release on Wednesday.

He asserted that Palestinians will not allow the bill to pass.

“This law will stir up the intifada and motivate the popular Palestinian resistance,” Badran underlined, adding that racist Israeli laws and policies have always backfired and incited retaliation from the resistance.

“We urge our people and all Palestinian factions to abort this bill and continue to raise the Adhan no matter the consequences,” he said.

He called on all Muslims to have their say over the Israeli Judaization of Jerusalem and Zionist schemes that target Muslim sanctities in Palestine.

(Source / 18.11.2016)

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November 18, 2016 at 2:22 pm

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