Palestinian lady killed in Nablus clashes between PA forces and gunmen


A Palestinian lady was announced dead at dawn Wednesday following clashes between the Palestinian Authority (PA) forces and gunmen in Nablus.

Medics said 38-year-old Hilda Bassam Al-Asta breathed her last at the hospital after she succumbed to the chest wounds she sustained in the clashes that rocked the Old City of Nablus.

Palestinian sources said three PA officers were wounded in the clashes, including one in a critical condition.

Violent clashes broke out at dawn between the PA forces and unidentified gunmen in al-Aqaba neighborhood, in the Old City of Nablus.

Eye-witnesses said the clashes broke out abruptly at 5 a.m.

The witnesses attributed the tension to the detention of Halawa family members in Jericho for a couple of months.

Medics said a member of the special police units was received at Nablus Speciality Hospital to be urgently treated for the critical neck wounds he sustained in the confrontations.

A PIC news correspondent said sounds of heavy bullet fire exchange were detected all the way through the clashes.

The PA troops summoned reinforcement at the clash scene.

PA troops have been deployed in al-Aqaba neighborhood since the outbreak of the deadly hostilities last August, which killed a number of Palestinian citizens and PA officers.

(Source / 16.11.2016)


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