Al-Tufkaji: Israel plans to wipe out Green Line


The Israeli Civil Administration’s approval of three major industrial zones, out of 11 zones in the West Bank ignores the Green Line and aims at confiscating more Palestinian lands to build more Israeli settlements, according to Khalil Al-Tufkaji, a cartographer and expert on Israeli settlements.

Al-Tufkaji pointed out that these industrial border areas were established to annul the thought of the Israeli withdrawal from the Palestinian territories that were occupied in 1967.

Multiple goals

According to Al-Tufkaji, a closer look to the map would show that the Israeli industrial zone is an extension of the Israeli settlements, and only 500 meters away from the Palestinian border villages. Consequently, the establishment of the zone would prevent the Palestinian villages from growing.

He stated that there are many goals for this plan, including annexing all Palestinian border lands, turning a deaf ear to the Palestinian return to the borders of 1967, and depriving the Palestinian workers of reaching the Israeli settlements by establishing Israeli industrial projects in the West Bank.

This Israeli plan, as Al-Tufkaji pointed out, changes the nature and illegally expropriates Palestinian lands. The plan also changes the land use from agriculture to industry, and adds it to the maps of the ‘Israeli ministry of transportation’, as part of the plan of linking Tel Aviv with occupied East Jerusalem and the Old City through the Israeli road network to facilitate the movement of Israeli settlers.

Palestinian West Bank

Al-Tufkaji pointed out that the Israeli project is planned to be in the West Bank as part of the Israeli project to link border settlements with Jerusalem through the high-speed rail line, which is expected to be finished by 2017.

“This is the second and biggest Israeli industrial zone in the settlements between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It aims at moving the Israeli industries to the occupied Palestinian lands and exploiting the low-waged Palestinian workers without having them in the Israeli settlements inside the Green Line,” he clarified.

He also stressed that the Israeli projects are connected and well-planned to achieve the Israeli Zionist project of “Greater Jerusalem”.

Al-Tufkaji concluded, “The ‘Greater Jerusalem’ project will confiscate 10% of the Palestinian West Bank and fulfill what all Israeli governments have planned for: an Israeli majority and a Palestinian minority in Jerusalem.”

(Source / 13.11.2016)


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