5 children among 6 Jerusalemites kidnapped by IOF from Old City


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Sunday kidnapped six Jerusalemites, including five children, from the Old City of Jerusalem.

The head of the committee of prisoners and ex-prisoners’ families Amjad Abu Assab said the IOF rolled into the Old City and kidnapped Jerusalemite minors.

The IOF stormed the house of Palestinian citizen Zayed Idkeik in Bab Hitta and wreaked havoc on the building before they kidnapped his 13-year-old son Ahmad and dragged him to the Qishleh detention center with his father.

Omar Za’anine, 16, and his 13-year-old brother Ayham, along with 14-year-old Ahmad al-Za’anine and 13-year-old Bahjat al-Razem were all kidnapped by the IOF and transferred to the Qishleh detention center.

An Israeli military patrol further stormed Qatna village in northwestern Jerusalem and summoned youngster Jawda Houshiya to questioning after they broke into his family home.

A few hours earlier, the IOF kidnapped nine Palestinians from their homes in the West Bank, including two children.

Hundreds of Palestinian children have been detained by the Israeli occupation forces since the outbreak of the anti-
occupation Jerusalem Intifada.

A report by the Defense for Children International-Palestine provided evidence and testimonies on harsh torture perpetrated by Palestinian children in Israeli penitentiaries so as to force confession.

According to the report, three out of four Palestinian children are subjected to torture behind prison bars both in the pre-detention and post-detention phases.

(Source / 13.11.2016)


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