Palestinian researcher’s house threatened with demolition


The Israeli police forces notified Saturday morning the Jerusalemite researcher Dr. Jamal Amr’s house in Silwan town east of occupied Jerusalem with demolition.

Amr affirmed that Israeli police stormed his house today morning along with municipal crews and handed him a demolition order.

He affirmed that his house, which was built 62 years ago, was restored in 1993 with an Israeli permit.

The demolition order came as part of the Israeli municipality’s demolition policies against Jerusalemite house which were built before the establishment of the Israeli state, he pointed out.

He said that Israeli demolition policy has been notably escalated especially near al-Aqsa Mosque under flimsy pretexts.

Amr and his wife were previously denied access to al-Aqsa Mosque and travel abroad under “security reasons.”

More than 20,000 homes are currently threatened with demolition in occupied Jerusalem under the pretext of being built without “Israeli permit.”

(Source / 12.11.2016)


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