Sheikh Sabri: Al-Aqsa is not subject to negotiation and concessions


Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, al-Aqsa Mosque’s preacher, condemned on Friday the Israeli unprecedented settlement campaign at the expense of the Palestinian territories especially in occupied Jerusalem.

During Friday sermon, Sheikh Sabri stressed that Israeli settlers’ daily attacks against Palestinian people and properties are carried out under Israeli authorities’ total protection and support.

He also pointed out that Israeli settlement construction has been notably escalated despite the European opposition.

On the other hand, Sheikh Sabri condemned the Israeli attempts to ban Muslim call to prayers in occupied Jerusalem.

“Israel has no right to interfere in our religious affairs,” he said. “We will stand firmly against any Israeli attempt to ban the call to prayer in Jerusalem’s mosques.”

Sheikh Sabri went on to assert that the main source of “unbearable noise was the incessant buzzing of Israeli warplanes over Palestine”.

He also condemned the Israeli calls to allow Jewish prayers in al-Aqda Mosque, holding Israeli authorities responsibility of the consequences of such decision.

He affirmed that al-Aqsa could never be a subject to negotiation and concessions.

(Source / 11.11.2016)


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