Israeli scheme to wipe out Islamic Qaluniya Cemetery


Palestinian activists warned of underway Israeli attempts to raze the Islamic Qaluniya Cemetery to the west of Occupied Jerusalem.

Activist Ali Abu Sheikha, from 1948 Occupied Palestine, said the Israeli occupation authorities embarked on a Judaization scheme, devised since 1973, to level the Qaluniya Cemetery in favor of illegal settlement expansion.

According to Abu Sheikha, several documents and maps dating back to the British Mandate era, testify to the inherently Islamic nature of the cemetery, where dozens of tombs for dead Muslims are still existent.

Head of the Jerusalem Center for Socio-Economic Rights, Ziad Al-Hamouri, also said the Israeli scheme makes part of ongoing attempts to wipe out all Islamic cemeteries and holy sites in the occupied Palestinian territories.

He added that the move represents a flagrant violation of the sanctity of the dead Muslims.

On Tuesday evening, the Israeli Supreme Court issued an injunction against sanctioning the destruction of Qaluniya Cemetery and the leveling of tombs for a couple of months in response to the ruin inflicted by the Israeli Antiquities Authority on the graveyard over the past few days. The injunction is to remain in effect until January 7, 2017.

The court embargo came following a petition lodged by the native Palestinian inhabitants of Qaluniya to stop leveling works in the cemetery.

The court demanded the Israeli Antiquities Authority and Works Department to respond to the petition by November 15.

(Source / 09.11.2016)


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