Palestinians injured in clashes with IOF in Kafr Ra’


A number of Palestinian citizens choked on teargas on Monday evening in violent clashes with the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in Jenin’s southern town of Kafr Ra’I.
A PIC news reporter said the IOF rolled into Kafr Ra’I town, in the northern West Bank, and sealed off the main entrance to the area with a makeshift checkpoint, where Palestinian vehicles and civilian passers-by have been subjected to provocative inspection.
A series of ambushes was also set up by the occupation troops on the side road.
The IOF attacked the Palestinian anti-occupation protesters with randomly-unleashed waves of teargas canisters and acoustic bombs, resulting in several suffocation cases.
The occupation soldiers further chased down the Palestinian youngsters, several among whom were subjected to intensive interrogation.
The anti-occupation youth responded to the attack by hurling stones on the Israeli military forces.
The Israeli patrols backtracked following exhaustive crackdowns on the Palestinian locals

(Source / 07.11.2016)


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