Nyrabiya: Russia Still Committing War Crimes in Syria, Urges for FSA Unity

Member of the Syrian Coalition’s political committee Muwaffaq Nyrabiya said that Russia is still waging a relentless war against the Syrian people and committing war crimes using internationally prohibited weapons. He stressed that contrary to its claims about a pause to the aerial campaign on Aleppo, Russia is continuing with the bombing of the rebel-held parts of the city and its countryside.

Nyrabiya commended the sacrifices being made by the FSA and rebel fighters trying to break the Assad regime’s siege on eastern Aleppo, calling on all the Free Syrian Army and rebel groups to unite under one national project.

Russia on Thursday openly threatened it would intensify its military operations in Aleppo should the FSA and rebel fighters refuse to leave the city. New Russian warships have recently arrived off the Syrian coast to be used in the ongoing onslaught on Aleppo.

Nyrabiya pointed out that the FSA and rebel fighters in Aleppo are fighting a battle of self-defense against regime forces and their allied Iranian-backed militias, stressing that the Syrian people will continue the fight to ward off the Russian blatant aggression on Syria.

Nyrabiya highly praised the heroic resistance and steadfastness shown by the people of eastern Aleppo as well as their refusal to leave their homes, emphasizing their right to stay in their city and to resist the mass forced displacement and demographic change operations policies being pursued by the Assad regime and its Russian and Iranian allies.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 04.11.2016)


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