MADA calls for prosecution of journalists’ killers


On the international day to end impunity for crimes against journalists, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms, “MADA” called for the establishment of a moot international tribunal to prosecute and sue journalists’ killers.

MADA center will serve to push toward the establishment and success of forming an international moot court to sue journalists’ killers that will shed light on the impunity of perpetrators against journalists from accountability on an international scale, in addition to prosecuting and punishing them; thus will minimize the escalation of violations and crimes against journalists and media freedoms.

Moreover, MADA will submit a detailed proposal in this regard: the formation of a mock international tribunal, for the global network for defending and promoting free expression “IFEX”; which MADA is a member at, and to several regional / international parties in order to approve this proposal and start applying it after agreeing on all details related to forming similar courts.

Israeli Occupation forces murdered 41 journalists and media workers (in West Bank and Gaza Strip), since the beginning of 2000 including one journalist this year, while total violations recorded this year (monitored by the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms) in Palestine since the beginning of 2016 till the end of October reached 326 violations (207 committed by Israeli parties, and 119 by Palestinian parties in West Bank and Gaza Strip).

MADA center reaffirmed the significant need to hold perpetrators accountable, as impunity encourages perpetrators to commit further crimes.

(Source / 02.11.2016)


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